LIMS solution for sample management & tracking

Odysis has teamed-up with users from industry leaders in order to develop a solution for sample management in a large multi-laboratory environment. The challenge was to deliver a global solution able to offer the specific and local features requested by each laboratory.
Main typical key requirements of our customers included: the ease of use of the application, its flexibility to be adapted to the various needs of the laboratories in the future, the minimization of deployment and training costs, the use of standard technologies, its scalability and the possibilities to communicate with corporate systems such as ERPs and document management systems.
The Odysis collaboration program and myLIMS, with its web-based Microsoft.NET architecture, have been the right choices to meet those requirements.


Features of the myLIMS solution developed for our customers include:
  • sample tracking
  • powerful navigation
  • bar codes, audit trail
  • sample consumption
  • sample splitting and aliquoting
  • sample transformation
  • sample fusion
  • recipes and ingredients management
  • import/export from/to Microsoft Excel
  • multi-laboratory collaboration
  • sample transfer
  • controlled vocabularies
  • application features configuration
  • documents management and many more

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