Food Products Tracking

In the framework of the myLIMS solution for Sample Management, Odysis offers an application especially designed  for the traceability of products of animal origin (C1 Products) in accordance with the requirements of the European legislation.

The European Union requires a complete traceability of the products of animal origin sourced from countries that are not part of the EU. Those products can only be used for experimentation purposes and have then to be destroyed after use. They cannot be sold or involved in dairy products for consumption outside the experimentation scope. This rule affects in particular the products used for recipes experimentation in the laboratories of the Food Industry.

myLIMS offers powerful tools for sample traceability and represent a perfect platform to implement a solution for the management and the traceability of products of animal origin in the laboratories of the Food Industry.

In response to our customer needs, features of our solution include:

  • the automatic upload of selected information related to the delivery of C1 products from corporate/external systems, including, but not limited to, information on packaging/conditioning, quantity, weight, batch number, origin, etc ...
  • traceability of product taking by laboratories
  • management of product quantities, divisions, transformation, incorporation into recipes and distribution
  • traceability of products when moved from one location to another
  • management of expiration dates and monitoring/follow-up of product returns (expected return date, delays, …)
  • traceability of C1 products destruction, including the traceability of containers containing C1 products and their shipment through authorized carriers to authorized destruction areas
  • display and export to Microsoft Excel of detailed audit trail reports on products, storage locations and containers
  • quick and easy search for shipments and all products and activities related to a given shipment

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